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Aileen Ghettman
Aileen Ghettman

Heavy Breasts

Another special treat for the bush supporter, Aileen Ghettman sports an impressive thatch of thick, black pubes to complement her equally impressive 32FF 40 inchers and her all-around spectacular figure. Women are jealous of her and guys want to be in her. The Georgia hottie, decked out in a colorful bikini and thigh-highs, creams her torso with liberal amounts of white moisturizer. When Miss Ghettman is done, her tits look like a gallon of man-cream was shot on them. She rubs the stuff in diligently, her skin absorbing the goo. Aileen then lubes up a kindly old Doc Johnson rubber cock with her tongue and thrusts it into her furry pussy. Her thighs glisten very quickly from the combination of saliva, lube and pussy juices that seep from her heated, dripping girl-slit. Welcome to Aileen's playhouse, where she cums to play and we can stay.

Aileen Ghettman

Ball Buster

Aileen Ghettman has talked about her life as a dominatrix and all-around ballbuster. She certainly deserves the title Ballbuster #1. While we're not really interested in cock and ball torture--this is SCORELAND not GORELAND--we were very interested in seeing Aileen get fucked nice and hard. Her first hammeroo was in the special First Fuxxx. Now she gets tackled again as a bossy businesswoman learning that the cock of man is king to a woman and must be obeyed and pleasured until it gushes forth its creamy rewards upon her great, big tits and sexy kisser. It's a cool fantasy too, fucking the bitchy female boss (as long as she's good-looking, not a battle-axe). Aileen has the perfect bod for hard fucking and she can take a good pounding. Naturists will once again laud and applaud her furry triangle, the third bush this edition. Aileen enjoyed the sexperience so much that she made pornish sport-fucking her new primary interest, although she's probably still kicking someone in the balls now and then to keep herself in practice. Hey, different strokes for different folks.

Aileen Ghettman

Aileen Ghettman

Aileen buys her bras from a company called Intimacy. Her tits weigh five pounds, each precious hooter packed with succulent boob meat. "They're online, but I go to the stores, and they always have my size," she says. "They usually have big cup sizes but they usually don't have the back size for me in regular stores. They'll have 44H, not 32H. I am about a 32H. I was a 32FF the first time I was here." She's unusual from most every model these days because she has a full pussy beard. "It's better to be natural. I have natural boobs and a natural butt, so why not be natural down there? I haven't had any complaints. Nobody's ever asked me to shave it.

Aileen Ghettman

She Measures Up

When it comes to approaches by the opposite sex, "I like simple stuff," Aileen Ghettman says. "I once was working at a bar, and a guy came up to me and said, 'If I can call you, will you talk to me?' I said okay because how was he going to get my phone number. Then when I went in the office, he grabbed my phone, called his phone with it, then erased his number out of my phone and called me, and I actually talked to him. That worked." In this pictorial we get to see Aileen oil up those big, meaty jugs. Nothing could be sweeter..except getting to bone her. By now, you've seen Aileen's Body Artist video, her video interview and her First Fuxxx hardcore video. She really is a living doll..busty girlfriend material.


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Aileen Ghettman
Aileen Ghettman

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