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Oh my god! Your boobs are perfect. And you make my cock wanna fuck them.

My pet toothless monkey (mini Milkula) would watch and mimick me playing the boob tricks. Hell send you into orbit, promise! Yessss, is that titty milllllk I see, Yummmmm! In the words of my ... read more

Im no lady but id sure like to suck on your gorgeous pert tits ,they look amazing x x x.

She's not here to ask right now, but I would definitely be in favor of such a proposal. Admittedly, this photo of your awesome boobs may have influenced my decision quite a bit, LOL. Are men ... read more

Amazing I will but it full of my girl cum from looking at you and rubbing my super wet cunt.

I don't think there is much else that is sexier than a chick in a man's white dress shirt. Reminds all of us of those days when you woke up with that hot cutie after a night of torrid fucking ... read more

I'd love to run my hands down your top to feel your amazing boobs!

Perk a boo is the best game ever. How are those massive ladies staying contained? They are eager to burst out and excite us all. And I want to feel your amazing tits wrapped around my ... read more

I want to put my face over your boobs, and after my hard dick!

I'm wanting to gently rake my teeth across that lovely hard nip then trap it between them and tease it with the tip of my tongue 👅 What a stunningly sexy view. And, the perfect caption! This ... read more

Sit on the edge of the tub spread those legs and let me get to work.

Starting by your cunt i want to run my wet cock up your bod, place it between your tits, take them tenderly in my hands, push them tight around my penis and pump till i shoot my cum over you. ... read more

Mmm just need to open your mouth and my cock could slide right in whilst i play with those awesome boobs xx.

I want to walk into a room and see you like this, pull out my cock, slap it on your huge tits, rub it around those lips, feed it to you as I start pinching your nipples, tweaking them, pulling ... read more

Love to see them covered in oil first so we can have some fun slipping things between them 😉

Who would like to watch my wife's tits bounce, while she rides your cock, I just love watching her sexy face while she's having sex. I want to slide my cock between those big boobs and have ... read more

The tanlines. Actually. Wow. I cannot find any words. Those boobs are fantastic (the tanlines also of course)!

I love you…. Very sexy Your body got me hot wet and throbbing. You are so hot and sexy! I want to lick and suck your luscious clit til you cum over and over. Then slide my hard long thick ... read more

And what a stunner it is! Getting our hands nice and warm to have a feel, or a suck ;)

More of that hot nipple yes I love it. Love how your begging me to reach out with my hands and grab your breasts. Keep your head back beautiful and let me admire those gorgeous tits and lingerie ... read more

Honey, I would kiss, lick, suck, and fuck your amazing titties.

Oh, PLEEEEEEZ let me bury my face, my lips, my tongue, my cock and balls in those absolutely gorgeous boobs! That will be my fantasy TONITE, for sure. . .This photo is going into my favorites so ... read more

Sounds nice, how about my cock between your big tits?

You have beautiful boobs,i would love to kiss and suck those till you asked me to stop,how long would that be ? Fuck yes, god this big cock would be throbbing viciously. Precum dripping down my ... read more

No, there just right, love to be sucking and licking.

That is not a bad thing hun. You have some very kissable boobs. Thanks for being brave and posting! Your boobs are perfect.Firm and pointy. Besides, more than a mouthful is a waste. Nice poses, ... read more

You are stunning in this pic! I would have no problem covering every inch of your body with hot load after hot load!

Sure how much do you need? Trusty me love I have enough to feed the needy so nobody has to be greedy lol. I love those boobs classy and classic. Such classic beauty and sexiness in this pic . ... read more

Love to lick you all over please show us more cummin attractions.

Would love you riding my cock bareback in that position,I'd suck on those cute titties so hard as you squeeze my shaft ! Would love to slide my hard and throbbing cock between those lovely ... read more