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I could not agree With Mr H more' your tits are absolutely gorgeous' perfect for a cum target hehe X.

Such a GORGEOUS woman with PERFECT hanging tits! LOVE the natural hang in this pic of those awesome, full and firm looking twins! And then your awesome nipples just begging to be sucked and played with! They are hanging perfect! You have a gorgeous pair and love the tan lines! We have the same thought of moving to Fl as well. What area did you end up in? Maybe pm, would enjoy a chat!Mr H was right, they are hanging perfect. The only thing that would make it better is if I was under them.LOL and ok with Mr H.I'm not much of a boob man, but I'd happily suck and fuck though beauties. Also, your smile is lovely.Marvelous tits absolute perfection got our vote We have some topless pics hope u like Mike and Betty. read more

Looking incredible all the way down from your toes to those sexy eyes.

Mmmm.You are too much. I love you showing off your hot sexy body and than looking at me with that I want you look. Your boobs look really great when you let them dangle.I bet they look awesome ... read more

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Love to watch you tease them nice and slow- it makes my cock hard- love to cum all over them!

I THINK THEY COMPLIMENT MY HARD COCK AND I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOU TELLING WHAT YOU FEEL AS YOU MASSAGE THEM - DOES YOUR CUNT THROB, PULSATE, CLENCH, GET HOT AND WET, WANT TO COME AND LET ITS CUM FLOW?I dIdnt see those mountains during my visit to O-HI-O! I must revisit.Very nice with extremely suckable nipples!They're so sexy. I love how you caress them to get them hard. Now they need to be kissed, sucked and nibbled on.I'm just glad I didn't haev my 3D glasses on. You would have poked me in the back of my head with those things!I want to shoot my cum all over your hard nipples. So sexy watching you play with your nipples. read more

You had me with the boobs babe No need for the whiskey x.

Amazing Titties and a pretty yummy turkey too. Maybe should pour the turkey all over those boobs and lick it off. Xxx. Not sure which of the bottle or the bibs is making my mouth water ... read more

Absolutely nothing to critique here. Amazing ass looking sexy as hell and just waiting for me to slide on in ;-)

Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way your hair drapes down so. I highly enjoy your beautiful ass and partial pussy so clear and smooth. And yes!, your sexy feet couldn't be positioned more perfect than that! Extremely sexy my dear!Wow im looking at ur sexy ass lotion in one hand and my cock in the other and ready to cum on ur ass and watch it drip down to ur amazing pussy lips i wish i was ur man he is so lucky.You’ve got an incredible body and sexy feet. Would Love to be balls deep inside your sexy pussy as I suck on your delicious toes.You are beautiful, you have beautiful body, wonderful ass, i would like to blur the heat of sperm on your pussy, you like it?Leave that g on l want.To lick your.Pussy and arse and then try and get all cock in cum inside you then lick you all up. read more

Big tits are red hair are two of my favorite things.

Am I getting tired? Not right now, but how about you ask me again after you post another 100,000 pics, just in case. OK? Wow love your awesome boobs, would love you to rub them all over my bod , ... read more

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Such pretty tits mmmm bet they taste delicious !Ok sure lets get to know each other friend us back !

I’d love to see you like this , so sexy I’d watch you for a while then I think I’d want you to remove the rest of your clothes. I’d encourage you to take your top off when we where out ... read more

Can't you come over and show me these beautiful breasts in real?

Gorgeous breasts, need to grasp them from the underside and lift them a bit, letting my hungry mouth kiss and suck at on and around your glorious areola encircling from the outside to the middle ... read more

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Wow ,I really love this sexy pic darling,you have a stunning body,cracking boobs you have there,x. O Cath I'd like to suck and nibble on them and anything else you may want me to play with !Xx. ... read more

You have fantastic tits. Bet they would look great covered in my big load ;)

Please add my name to the long list of zoig men who appreciate you showing us your magnificent tits xxx ( o )( o ) xxx. That's a great pic. I'd like to have you say on my lap, feeding me those ... read more

Don't forget to go to the uk and get them out 👍🏻

Those would be perfect on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis! Thanks for sharing. Would love to have a glass of Bordeaux with your boobs! Oxox Crumpets and Tea. You have a beautiful smile ... read more

While your playing with your sexy wet pussy, can I wank off and spray my cum inside your knickers to make you even wetter xx.

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Yes to your questions and yes to anything she would want while I was there and behind her.

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Beautiful tits & nipples. I can taste then now. Mmmmmm.

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You looking amazing in this pic. Absolutely gorgeous. So sexy and sensual. Mmmmmm I'ld definitely would.

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