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They look large anyway, and like most men I love big natural cleavage.

You ever have big black meat? That is exactly what I want to give you.LOVE those tits. Um, i'm not sure if the color is the issue here. But then i suspect you already know that haha. Your huge ... read more

Mmmm yeah! I wanna put my Meat Between Your Buns! And take pics! UGHHHH.

I have a ball park hot dog I can put between your boobs it get plumper as it rubs your boobs and even has a surprise ending. I got something to go there too. It's about 9 inches and will fit ... read more

Whoever it was, was a liar or seriously misinformed.More than a handful is more to enjoy.

I guessing it was a woman with small boobs or a guy standing next to his girl with small boobs who got caught staring at someone like you.You with those luscious twins.Mmmmhmmm. I know, they ... read more

Baby you are soo perfectly beautifull i am lost for words, (waiting for you to message me patiently) so i can show you what you do to me xxx.

You have so many photos that I don't have time to 'like' and comment on each and everyone (although the images of you are most definitely deserving of it) so i'll say how gorgeous, sexy and ... read more

Wanna have a fantastic 69 then fucking doggy missionary and finishing on your face if you would let me.

Would lo e to take off.That sexy clothes because your tummy is even hotter.Omg imagine your boobs and belly shaking as i fuck.You gently.But in good.Rithm.Wanna stop a bit and pull out my. ... read more

Rest your legs on my shoulders as I tease you through your panties with my warm breath, lips and tongue.

I cant stop comming to your site and wanking my cock.Wanna do you missionary while kissing your nipples and you grab my arse with your hands.Wanna cum loud over your face and than to kiss you ... read more

Or just a huge load all over ur naughty face and glasses,dripping down on the prety girls.Thinking about that mrs drived me crazy.

Mmmm. Will you be helping or do I have to do it myself. Its always more fun with your help. If I have to do it my self, I tend to lose aim at the moment of cumming and it may all end up on your ... read more

Great tits! I also love seeing you wedding ring!

I want to kiss, suck and nibble on those boobs .When your nipples are long and hard I'll roll them and pinch them.And gently tug on them with my teeth! I love seeing your wedding rings as you ... read more

Nope, I like them just like they are, and I want to chew on those nipples.

You are lovely as you are and am certain hubby wouldn't change you in any way! Those lovely small tits and big nipples of yours look delicious and I for one would very much enjoy sharing those ... read more

Thinking about you Celeste, so many wonderful things :)

Pulling the top to let your other nipple fall out, then licking and sucking them, befor letting you stroke me off all over them. I would love to lick, kiss and suck on both of your nipples then ... read more

Wowww those are so big and so cool, love them. Xxxxxxxxx nice show.

Such a hottie. U know hw to tease us with them. I wud enjoy suckin on one while the mr is doin the other. Well damn, now I'm all jealous n'shit. I've never gotten as much as an "Atta boy" ;) ... read more

I think my mouth should be sucking and my tongue licking your gorgeous hard nipples on your beautiful tits.

Love your video! You have such a sexy body and your breasts and lovely. I hope I get the chance to see you show off a bit more.Maybe tease those pointy nipple or make your breasts bounce and ... read more

Mmmm where to start is the question finger or tongue on those lovely nipples xxx.

Well, haven't you got a magnificent set of tits. They look spectacular. Love the long succulent nipples. Would love to chew on them and have them dragged all over my naked body. I absolutely ... read more

My cock stood straight up and started screaming at me.! He wants to slide himself in between those until he chokes and spits a bunch of white stuff.

I would love to kiss and lick on them beautiful nipples for hrs and make her cum a lot with me playing with her for hrs and go down on her beautiful pussy and lick on her pussy lips for hrs and ... read more

Those are magnificent. Are you sure oil is what you want?

WOW! I'd sure love to rub more oil on those for you! I hope you wouldn't mind if I slipped a little something in between them while I do! Mmm very nice boobs for play ;) first with hands and ... read more